5 Advantages Of Being A Homebody

Being A Homebody

Not all people like to live their life as if they are chasing time. Some are contented with the comfort and the peace that their home offers. Usually, people who are a homebody are those people who like to read books or their hobbies is gardening and other home-based recreations that party-goer cannot enjoyed because they are out most of the time. Becoming a homebody is like being engrosses in worlds inside a world. A lot of people consider homebody as lazy individual since they seem to do nothing however those nothing can actually mean something or it can be a lot bigger.

Here Are The 5 Advantages Of Being A Homebody:

• Self-aware – Since they prefer to stay at home and be alone, it gives them the opportunity to think about things or about their selves. Being self-aware is not for vanity instead it is for accepting your own peculiarities or just being yourself.

• Self-sufficient and Independent – People who stay at home are those people who can live even without the help of other people. They do not depend on their other since they focus on achieving and growing on their own. They do not delve on what other think of them since they choose to nurture their inner self.

• Dignified and thoughtful – Homebodies are more dignified and thoughtful than those social butterflies since they don’t depend on other. They are more professional and they have subtle personality. They make sure that they consider everything before they make decisions.

• Good talkers – Since they think before they speak, they are good conversationalist. They know how to listen and process what they hear and make appropriate and significant responses.

• They have reasons in everything they do – It doesn’t mean that people who prefer to stay at home do not like to socialize however; they need valid reasons to do it. They are going to talk if they are getting benefits out of it. They do not like chit-chats because it will only create pointless conversations.

Being a homebody is a choice and since the world is full of social butterflies or extroverts, choosing to be a homebody is perfectly a valid choice. A lot of people who prefer to stay at home are those people who can experience the real thing since they are inside the world that delves through books. If you are going to think about it, extrovert or those people who are consider as a social butterflies likely to be energized through other people unlike those who prefer to stay at home.

Being a homebody will give you the opportunity to spend your time doing things that are fulfilling than staying outside listening to loud noises and mingling with other people that will only give you a sensory overload. People who are a homebody do not make their selves as spectacle for drama or be hyped-up with excitement because they are not attention-seekers, so they are those people who nurture their inner self than thinking what other think of them.

What Is Homebody Social Anxiety?

If you want to stop being homebody then you need to consider a lot of things since a lot of people like to make fun of people who prefer to stay at home. If you are going to do it because you want to know what it feels to be a social butterfly then you need to think again. Making comparisons and being somebody you are not is just like lying to yourself. Do not do things that you do not like. Pushing yourself to socialize will only create harmful effects on you.

The term homebody social anxiety is like having a discomfort or fear against social interaction which involves being judge or asses by other people. Being a homebody is not that bad since you will learn and gain self-awareness and be independent. It will help you not to depend on others and at the same time, be conscious on what you will say to other people.

Aside from that, staying at home will save you a lot of money than staying outside your home and partying. Since you can experience the world without going out your home, being a homebody is better than wasting your time outside your home. You don’t need to dress up or feel obligated to attend events that will only make you feel bored and most importantly, staying at home will give you more comfort and you can find the peace you are looking for. You will have plenty of time to think about things without interruption and your life will slows down a little instead of rushing or chasing your time outside your home.